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An attractive way to tell a story is more crucial than ever and film has become a superior way to get the desired attention.
At Silverbullet Film we have helped companies to tell their story and create results with an outstanding service for more than 20 years.


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Our proven experience and know how to build your brand, influence attitudes, raise awareness or just call-to-action is the success factor. Our passion for storytelling through film and content-based marketing that is worth spreading is where we differ. It can be about revolutionary products, invaluable services, unforgettable events or the world's best business idea, simply put, we got it.


Video as part of an overall content strategy, or as a one-off production can help you increase awareness and engage with your potential target group. You buy the brands to which you have a relation. But you must have a good idea, a story to tell and a clear call-to-action.

TV Commercial - Image Film - Brand Video - Corporate Video - Product Video - Information Video - Greenscreen - Post Production


Whether you introduce a new product or service, educate an audience, call for action or just want to inspire a good animation leaving the viewer feeling both informed and excited to know more.

Motion Graphics - Animation - 2D Animation - 3D Animation - Explainer Video - Billboards - Visual Effects - Billboard


In order to be successful it´s important to create content that is so interesting that customers themselves choose to seek them out in order to get information that is perceived as credible and relevant.

Content Marketing - Storytelling - Branded Content


We produce content for some of Sweden’s biggest channels, both live and post production events. In addition, we create fully financed programs for customers looking for optimum exposure.

Format - Documentary - Web-TV - AFP - Trailer


Deciding upon the right distribution channels is critical, and will determine the outcome. By using innovative digital technology along with smart content production, we make your story visible.

Livestreaming - Play - Social Media - Mobile - Digital Signage


Web design is probably more important then ever. Today we think mobile first and use the Internet of Things to creat emersive, value-adding and fast web experiences.

Web Development - App Development - Play Solutions - Socialmedia - Virtual Reality (VR) - Augmented Reality (AR)

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John Eriksson, Cinematography & Post
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Petter Cronqvist, Cinematography & Post
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Oliver Landegren, Cinematography & Post
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